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About the project

The South by Southwest (SXSW) event is a world-renowned festival that showcases music, film, and interactive media. The event's website plays a crucial role in promoting the festival and its various events. However, the current website's design feels outdated and does not accurately represent the vibrant, innovative spirit of the festival. As a result, a rebranding of the website is necessary to provide an enhanced user experience and effectively communicate the festival's brand.

A rebranding of the SXSW event website, with a typography-focused design showcasing a modern, playful sans-serif typeface and a bright color palette that complements the festival's brand. The design features minimalistic layouts and intuitive navigation to create an engaging and enjoyable user experience. The typography will be the primary element used throughout the website to convey key messages and highlight important information.

Project Type: Interactive Design, UI/UX, Branding,

Year: 2023

Shruti Balasubramanian

Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Architect

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