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A multi-disciplinary designer based in Baltimore who is passionate about branding, typography, and visual storytelling.

Featured Projects

Shruti Balasubramanian

Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Architect

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Mind Over Matter

This deck of cards features illustrations of different mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and OCD.

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Story of a Designer

This info-graphic takes you on a visual journey through the personal and professional path that led me to design school and beyond.



A rebranding project for the reputable Indian snack brand Haldiram's, that has existed since 1937.


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A farm-to-table Italian restaurant situated on the Adriatic Coast of Italy that specialises in the game menu. The restaurant's branding is done in a minimal, organic way to capturing the spirit of the establishment.

Rove of MAA

The Rove of Madras is a museum concept that takes visitors on a journey through time, unraveling the story of Madras and its transformation into the bustling metropolis of Chennai.


Fluid Forms

This publication showcases some of the most iconic works of the renowned architect, Frank Gehry.

Celebrating Frank O Gehry

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